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How can you help?   Lots of ways!!


Things you can DO
(if you live near us)

Things you can DONATE
(have shipped directly to us)

   See our WISH / NEED LIST at Amazon.com

  • Foster a dog! (we will only give
    you a good match for your home)
  • Money - never ending need
  • Pick up or drive dogs for us
  • Flea and tick prevention meds
  • Take a dog through
    obedience class
  • blankets/ dog beds/ bedding, crate pads
  • Watch for shelties in need
    and alert us, or bring us the dog if you find one in trouble.  NOTE:  Free to good home dogs are always considered "in trouble".
  • Vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners.  Mops, brooms, buckets.
    Shop Vacs for wet pickup.
  • Bathe and brush dogs
  • laundry soap & bleach
  • walk dogs
  • grooming supplies
  •   Shop at Amazon Smile, instead of Amazon.   Same store, same prices, and they make a donation to us.


  • Dog food -all natural and grain free. Petflow.com, Petco, PetSmart all ship.  (we only accept new, unopened dog food)
  • Q-tips, scissors,  clippers
  • Kwik-Stop (Petco will free ship)
  • fencing materials - (we donate these to potential sheltie adopters when needed)
  • tennis balls
  • Cleaning supplies (all kinds)






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