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Sheltie Colors  

Shelties can come in so many colors, it is worth looking at all the photos on this page.

All of the following dogs are past or present rescue dogs.

Click on pics to enlarge






(Bear, a rescue boy)

A Bi-Black dog has just black and white on his body...no tan.  The white can be anywhere, and vary from a lot to one spot.  A bi-black has no tan at all.


(Dixie, a rescue girl)

A Bi-Blue has no tan on his body...just blue (gray really) black and white.  The blue, black and white can be anywhere and to any degree.   A Bi-Blue may or may not have blue eyes.


ricky.jpg (7166 bytes)

(Ricky, a rescue boy)

A sable usually will have 3 colors (brown, black and white) But will be mainly tan. Many people mistakenly call this a Tri.  It is not.    This boy is a sable.

ben.jpg (22987 bytes)

Double Merle
(Ben, a rescue boy)

The result of breeding 2 dogs with a merle gene.    These dogs are usually deaf, and some are blind.  These dogs may have blue eyes.


(Zoey, a rescue girl)

A Tri-color dog is mostly black.  It will have tan on it's body somewhere.  Any tan hair on his body makes a Tri instead of a Bi-Black.    

Blue Merle
A Blue Merle must have tan on it's body to be a Blue Merle.    No tan makes it a Bi Blue.   Neither the Blue Merle nor the Bi Blue have the face mask the Sable does.


"Trudy", a blond sable, also called a "pure for sable"

sheyanne.jpg (9203 bytes)

Color Headed White

This is Sheyanne, a rescue girl. She is a Color Headed White.  (CHW)  She is mostly white, with the head of a Tri-Color dog. This is not at all the same as a double merle.  A CHW will have normal colored heads and  will have spots of color on the body, but be mostly white.

lady.jpg (5505 bytes)

Lady, a rescue girl.

dusty.jpg (51135 bytes)
Blue Merle

Dusty is a very muscular
rescue boy.  Dusty was renamed Sydney and has gone on to win many Agility awards.

buster.jpg (23500 bytes)


"Buster"....a rescue dog

This is another variation of a Sable Sheltie.   A shaded sable is still a sable, but with black tips on the coat.  If you look at the roots of the hair, you will see sable.  Note the familiar mask of a sable on his face.

fran.jpg (4304 bytes)

Double Merle

"Fran" is a rescue girl
This is a double merle
(white sheltie)  this
girl surprisingly was not


   duncanside.jpg (6885 bytes)

Tri Color

Duncan is a Tri Colored rescue boy

Blue Merle
(Fiona is a rescue girl)

This is a seriously obese rescue Sheltie. A blue Merle may have any amount of any of the 4 colors: black, gray, white and tan.

gator.jpg (6555 bytes)

Sable & White

"Gator" is a nicely marked
sable and white rescue boy.

silence1.jpg (2940 bytes)

Double Merle

"Silence" is a double merle.  She
is deaf.




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