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The feet seem to be the one area of a Sheltie that just gets overlooked.  Not only is it an eyesore on such a beautiful animal........ but it is very bad for their feet and legs. 


 This foot isn't as bad as some I have seen.   But a good trimming is in order. 


This poor dog will have foot problems if his feet are left unclipped for too long. 

Hair is overgrown.  Snow, rocks, mud and ice will all stick to this dogs furry feet.



Much better...................

Nails cut short.  Fur trimmed up around and under the paws.  By keeping the nails and fur short, your sheltie will be much happier and healthier!  

And doesn't it look better?


Got a great FOOT picture?  Send it in!!  I may use it on the site!



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