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Inexpensive fencing
That looks terrific!
This is the fence that we built here at CISR.   It encloses almost 2 acres of yard, exclusively for the dogs.  It is just over 6 feet tall.  Of course you can modify it to your preferences. 

Normally, you would not be able to "see" the wire, however we spray painted it after it was up, instead of before.  If you paint the wood before you install the wire, the wire will be invisible.

You CAN build this fence yourself.  Cost:   about $2-$3 per linear foot
Here are the materials you will need for every 8 feet of fencing..

1 post, 4" round or square.  Round is cheaper.  You can buy these at any farm store.
Cost is under $7.00 each.

1 bag of cement  $2.00 - $3.00 per bag

2-5 cross boards,  1x6x8 inexpensive untreated lumber is fine so long as you paint it right away with a quality exterior primer/paint.  Otherwise get treated lumber.   You can always add more cross boards later.  Cost per board $3.00 - $4.00 per board.

1 long roll of welded wire fence. (spaced 2x2)  100 feet runs under $75 dollars.....Or about $6 per 8 feet.

Total cost for each 8 ft section:   about $16-$17.    That is only $2-$3 per foot.
Use "fence staples" to secure wire fence to all boards.  Don't skimp on the staples. 
wire tight as you secure it to the boards.   Do not use regular staples.  Fence
staples are
different.  See link...
You now have a beautiful wood fence for under $3 per linear foot, and your dog(s)
are now safe.

Note about Coyotes:    If you have Coyotes near you, you can easily install a Hot-
Wire at the top and outside of our fence.    A Coyote can smell the heat from the
wire and will not attempt to climb the fence.
Instructions on installing your new fence!!

Study photo above and plan the height and design of your fence ahead of time.

Prime and paint, or stain and seal your posts if desired.

Sink poles in cement every 8 feet.   Let posts and cement "set up" for 4 days before

Prime and paint (or stain and seal)  your cross boards if untreated.  Let dry.

Screw and nail cross boards at desired heights.  Make sure you:
      -  place one cross board along the ground to prevent dog from getting under the fence 
      -  one cross-board one near the top
      -  and one in the middle.
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