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Electronic (Invisible) Fences
Our position on Invisible Fences

Invisible fencing may seem like a good idea on the outset, but once you learn all the facts, you will quickly learn it is NOT a good idea.   In fact many people, including most animal care facilities will NOT adopt a dog to a home that uses one!!

1)   Dogs can - and will - go through an invisible fence. And once they do, guess what? They won
t come back into the yard for fear of getting shocked; they arent stupid. Theyre simply willing to take the shock the first time through to get whatever theyre after. And once theyre through, theyre free to chase other animals, get into fights, get hit by cars, be shot at, picked up by animal control, etc.  FURTHER....if someone finds your dog with a "shock" collar on.... they are often very UNlikely to give the dog back to what they would deem an abusive home.

2)  Underground fencing does not keep anyone else from entering your property. Therefore, children, cats, other dogs, wild animals and the like are free to come onto your property and tease, terrorize or KILL your dog.  And dog thieves find underground fencing absolutely delightful - all they have to do is take the collar off the dog and go!

3)  No words needed here...just look
4)  Everyone knows all the above facts.   This is not new information.  Putting up an invisible fence is not safe or reliable for containing your dog.  But, it is cheap, easy and requires little effort. Not the kind of home we are looking for. Putting in a REAL fence shows a commitment to your dogs safety.  It shows that you love and value your dog. 

5)  We will NOT adopt any of our dogs to homes that use an invisible fence.    Our contract clearly prohibits this.

6)  If you have had good luck with an invisible fence.... you have gotten lucky.   We do not place our dogs with the hope that they will also be lucky!

Hopefully we have not offended anyone.  However this is our stand on invisible fencing.
As always, we are interested ONLY in the safety and comfort of our dogs.
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