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Sheltie Color Chart

Shelties can come in so many colors, it is worth looking at all the photos on this page.

All of the following dogs are past or present rescue dogs.
These are all "Sable and White" Shelties.   Some are darker than others but they are all still considered a "Sable"
These are "Tri-Color" Shelties, or "Tri's".   A Tri Color Shelties body is black, and will have tan hair on face, and legs and sometimes the body.   They will have white in the same places as a Sable.
These are "Blue Merle" Shelties.   A Blue merle will be mostly gray, with tan and white and black scattered on their body.    A Sheltie must have tan on him/her to be called a Blue Merle
These are Bi-Black Shelties. Bi-Black Shelties are only Black and White.   A Bi-Black has no tan, like a Tri does
Bi-Blue is a Blue Merle with no tan.   A Bi-Blue has no tan coloring.
These Shelties are Color-Headed-Whites  (CHW)   They have normal coloring on their head, but have predominantly white bodies.
This sheltie is a Double Merle.  The result of a Blue to Blue breeding.   These dogs are predominantly white, and often deaf and and/or blind. 
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