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Shelties, Barking and Debarking

Shelties ARE barkers.  No two ways about it.  And for the most part, barking can be controlled in most shelties.  We always suggest training first.  Training is by far the best course of action.  But what if training fails?   What if your sheltie just barks all the time....despite all your attempts to stop it.

For some Shelties, chronic barking is a serious problem…..    And until you work in rescue and see how some Shelties are quieted, you won't believe it.    Scroll down for lots of eye opening information
   Sadly, we have many more horror stories just like these.  There are many people who will just not tolerate listening to a chronic barker for any length of time.  These dogs are the ones we often find tragically abused.

    If all traditional methods have failed, and you are still at your wits end......there is one more option to permanently stop the noise produced from barking.  Its called  "Debark", or "Bark-softening" surgery.

    If we get a dog into rescue who we feel is an abuse risk because of excessive barking, we will have the dog surgically debarked.  Debark surgery is the kindest, most humane thing we can do for a chronic barker.   Debark Surgery is:   Painless   -  Permanent    - and the best long term solution for chronic barking.  This is a same-day procedure that simply takes most of the noise out of the dogs bark.   The dog will walk out of the vets office the same day of the surgery. 

    This surgery does not change a dogs behavior.   This surgery simply removes most of the noise produced by barking.   If your dog likes to run the fence and bark....well, he will still run the fence and bark, except after the surgery, you will not hear him barking unless you are close to him.

    With a Debark surgery your dog will still go through all the motions and enjoyment of barking……except much less noise will be produced.   No more shock collars.  No more muzzles.  No more yelling at the dog.   No more angry neighbors.  And….most important, it eliminates the worry of possible abuse.  It is the best all around solution to problem barking.

NOTE***   Only certain Veterinarians are capable of doing this surgery properly.  If you need a vet referral, please contact us.
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