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Memorial Page

To those we have loved and lost
To add a memorial to this page for your loved one, click here


In Loving memory of
Owned and loved by
Mary Kay


My sweet boy Dusty.  You made me smile every day.  
I will miss you forever...


In Loving memory of Emma
Owned and loved by
Terie Engelbrecht

Memorial Donations made by:
Bonnie Leader
Jeanna Dean
Mark (Clifford) Rhodes
Sheila Fogle
Irene Lima
Denise Piccininno
Terie Hopper
Wendy Unger
Lora Kanzler




In Loving memory of Sparky.

We only had him two years but he gave us a lifetime of memories. He was a little firecracker trying so hard to keep up even though his body was failing him. Our special boy had to leave due to heart failure. We were so lucky to have shared our home with this sweet handsome senior. Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge...

Our forever love, Mom and Dad



In Loving memory of
Little Jake

He was a tiny little senior who at age 13 came to live with us. He spent most of his time curled up in his moms lap or lounging in one of the many dog beds.  He loved his sister Ginger and the two of them became the best of buddies always watching out for each other. Little Jake you will be forever in our hearts. We miss you little guy.

Love Mom and Dad



 In loving memory of
He made himself at home right away, just walked into our house like he had lived their forever. We knew he didn't have much time left so each day we made sure to show him love, affection and fun. He loved rolling in the snow and napping in the sunny spots on the floor. More than anything else he loved being held and would climb right up in our laps so we could hold him. Jake always seemed so grateful to have a home, food and a family. He was a very special dog who left his paw prints on our hearts forever.

We miss you big boy,
Love Mom and Dad



In Loving Memory of

Turned into a Shelter at age 12.
"don't want him anymore"

Adopted and loved by Connie, for another year.  He knew love, he played ball and he was a wonderful little dog with an incredible spirit and will be remembered and missed.

Gone but not forgotten..  He will be missed by all.

Connie and CISR



In Loving Memory of

Earl Johnson

Wonderful husband, father and devoted Sheltie owner.

Gone but not forgotten..





In Loving Memory of Our Dusty

       “Our walking Boy”

He will be so sadly missed by his family and siblings,

     Bill, Lori,  Pat, Belle, Starr, Angel and Lucky





In Loving Memory of Cookie

It's been a month since Cookie passed over the Rainbow Bridge,  the time has flown but he is not forgotten.  I feel his presence around me all the time,  the hall gate creaked the other night like it did when he was sleeping against it,  I had to take a double look cause I thought he was there.  He is missed by his sis, she looks for him, our 22 yr old Cockatiel calls for him all the time.  He will be missed by all of us. 

The Kinnarys





In Loving Memory of Our Stella

When we got her, fell in love…  Diagnosed after Central Illinois Sheltie  Rescue received her.  She had Cushing Disease.  With proper treatment she was put on medicine.  A little wild  at first but with do cause as previous owner not treat bad ear infection and find out cause.    All she needed was someone to take care of her.  She shortly became "What a Girl" so much loved by her family and siblings…  She’ll be sadly missed by her family and by CISR.,

 Bill, Lori, Pat, Dusty, Starr, Belle, Lucky and Angel



"Shiloh", aka, Little Guy, when I adopted him, was a very scared and sad little boy, who would not eat or drink from a bowl.  We had to rig something else so he ate and drank.  After 4-1/2 years, he began to come around.  It wasn't until I rescued a diva named Lacey that he began to come out of his shell and he ate, drank and even played a little.
He was one with a very unique personality and, it was a very difficult decision to let him go.  We will miss him very much but, he is in a better place where he is at peace and not suffering.

Shirley and Lacey



In Loving Memory Of *Rudy*
who had the best years of his life once he found Connie.  Gone but never forgotten.


In Loving Memory Of Carrie

“Our quiet little Angel”
She’ll be sadly missed by her family 

Bill, Lori, Pat
Dusty, Starr, Stella & Belle


Rest in Peace Sandy Robertson
.   Friend, rescuer, loving husband and lover of all animals.  Sandy will be sadly missed by all who knew him.  May God be with you as you continue to spread love and kindness to all those around you.  CISR has truly lost one of it's own.



In Loving Memory Of Rusty (Roo Roo)
    “ Our Best Friend” Party Boy”
 He’ll be sadly missed by his family. 

Lori, Bill, Dusty, Carrie, Starr, Belle & Stella


In loving Memory of
Paula Walenga
and her much loved Sheltie, Kruzer
 who has been waiting at the bridge.

RIP, Paula


In Loving Memory of Baxter
We were lucky to have you!  -
The Gaffney's"



 In Loving Memory of Bear

    “A Perfect Gem”

 He’ll be sadly missed by his family

Bill, Lori, Rusty, Dusty, Carrie

       Starr & Belle


In loving memory
of Rita Powers

Sheltie Lover - Rescuer - Friend
Sadly missed by all of us here at Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue.


In loving memory
of Andy

The dog who changed our lives

Andy (rescue) -- CGC, TDIA, NJP
  with us from  9/19/00 - 1/16/07

Linda & Ross Morgan


In loving memory
of Sander.

Robin Sockness.


In loving memory
of our special girl, Lori.

Gone, but never forgotten by her family:

Sandy, Destiny, Bailey, Bentley, Neko, Umi and Cathy. 

Remembered by her good friends:

Kelly, Dave, Murphy, Phoebe, Max, Emmy and Oscar.


 In loving memory
of Sunny


Sadly missed by Mom and Will (pictured with Sunny)



 In loving memory
Best friend of Marilyn Morrow

of Bandit

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Van Draska




 In loving memory
 Irene Pring

 Mother of Josie Black
Grandma to Josie's Shelties:  Lochie and Rusty (pictured)  and Josie's German Shepherd Pippa

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & CristineTrolia



 In loving memory

of Hamish 

Who leaves behind his people, Karen and Bill McClung his best friend Danny and countless others who loved him very much. Kim

In loving memory of Hamish who brought joy and a smile to everyone's face - especially Kellie who will always remember him!  Love Vangelis and Sophia


 In loving memory

 Shirley L. Jennings

Mother of Cris
 Grandma to Daisy, Nutmeg, Pilot and Scotty.

-Sandy and Angel Kaffe
-Lisa  Ehrenberger
- Barbara  Hicks
-Margaret Hamilton
Julie Hansen
Karen Stellato and Murphy


 In loving memory
of Sherman

A sweet little guy who touched so many during
his short time with us.

Foster Parents:
Linda and Charles

He will always hold a special place in our hearts.



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